Welcome to MAC project management e-learning guide. This support tool has been established to give those managing small and medium-sized projects access to the project management techniques, materials, and templates they require tpo accomplish their role.

The site describes a structured approach to managing projects based on early project scoping and planning and the creation of a Project Plan. It includes a step-by-step description of how to scope and plan a project.

All organisations that manage projects on a regular basis need a project management framework. In MAC we adopted 5 stages model as below:

This framework forms the basis for the navigation of this site, which is organized into sections accessed by the navigation bar of links at the top of the page. To use the site we recommend the following:

  1. Visit the "User Guide", which describes how best to use this site, and then "Our Approach to Projects". Both can be accessed by the link in the side panel to the left.
  2. Then progress through the project stages via the following links in the top navigation bar:

Each section provides access to relevant tools, techniques, and guidance for that project stage.

pmiThe model we adopted is inspired by PMI PMBOK  click on the logo to get more info.

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Massimo Antoniello