User Guide

The site has been designed as a support tool for those who manage a project. It is really intended to be used in conjunction with coaching or training rather than as a self-learning tool, but for those with some experience of managing projects, much of it will be self-explanatory.

It is organised into five sections. Each section is accessed by the navigation bar of links at the top of this page, and each section then has an introductory page with a side panel containing links to relevant tools, techniques, and guidance.

It has been designed both for:

For those managing a current small or medium sized project

For those in this situation, the tool is designed to be used as a support tool and project health-check for their current project.

You can most effectively use it by looking first at Our Approach to Projects" in the side panel on the left.

Then use the navigation bar at the top to look at the relevant sections in turn, namely:

Each of these sections gives access to tools and techniques and helpnotes. We would recommend that you visit each section in turn, even if your project is in one of the more advanced stages.

The link on the left to "Project Manual & Templates" provides access to downloadable materials including the Project Managers Manual and the Project Plan template. These are in .pdf and WORD formats. The WORD documents can all be downloaded and completed.

For those managing a major Organisation-wide projects or IT projects

You may well be using a more complex methodology such as PMI or similar. This support tool employs a simpler framework than PMI but is compatible with it. You will find the tool still valuable and covers ground that PMI does not cover, in particular the five-step scoping approach covered in "Project Planning".

For those  wanting a deeper understanding of project management principles

There is a link in the side panel to the left to "Project Management Concepts". This provides a fuller description of the subject, laid out in the form of a manual.