MAC Templates and Documentation

The links below will provide a set of documentation and templates used and developed by MAC to help you plan and organise your project:

Overview MAC techniques

A summary of the key tools processes and techniques to manage project and project governance to use to plan and organise your project. In Adobe Acrobat .pdf
Handover to Project

This document is the handover document from Sales to PS to kickoff the project
Handover to support

Summarizing this doc contain all the info required by Customer support to move project into production mode
REAL System manual

This document contain all the REAL process and procedures
Change/Service Request template

This mandatory document is to be filled by PMs to create specs for new CR/SR, document will be shared with customer for approval and then to be used to prepare quote by sales/account
Meeting Minutes Template

Set of structured template to record meeting and events occurring during project phase
Steering meeting Package Template

Set of templates to manage steering meeting and project progress exposition to customer at project milestones

Project Plan templates

Below are links to templates which you can use to help you write your project plan or project brief. The templates for Project Brief and Project Plan will open into a new window and are "read-only". It is best to save the template to your own documents folder under your project name and then open it in WORD to complete it.

  1. Project Brief Template
    A Template for producing a Project Brief or Business Case for proposing a project. In WORD .doc.
  2. Project Plan Template
    A template for producing a three or four page Project Plan.  In WORD .doc. The included time schedule template is based on creating a Gantt Chart with a WORD table.
  3. Example Project Plan
    An example of a completed Project Plan. In Adobe Acrobat .pdf
  4. Highlight Report Template
    A Template for producing a Highlight Report to report project progress.  In WORD .doc.