Additional Materials

Project Execution

With the project set up, you now need to get the project moving and keep it on the move. One experienced project manager compared this stage to juggling balls, in particular the following three balls:

This section contains guidance and tips on this. To use this section, please do the following:

1.    Read the note "Start-up & Implementation"

This note describes in outline our framework for carrying out a project, including the above three balls model.

2.    Review the checklist worksheet in the menu to the left.

This can be used to brainstorm the main issues that you will face in carrying out the project and identify the main actions you need to take. If you have a team it is best to do this with them. You may also find it useful to look at your Project Plan whilst you do this:

  • the stakeholders whilst thinking about maintaining support,
  • the time schedule plan whilst thinking about progressing the activities,
  • the project organisation whilst you think about leading the team,
  • and the risk analysis for all of them.
3.    Review and use the Additional Materials

We have provided four Helpnotes covering tools and tips for this stage.

  • Communications Plan
    A note on how to make a stakeholders communication plan.
  • Tips for Leading the Team
    Thirteen practical tips to help in this.
  • Managing Contractors
    A note on using contractors.
  • Data Analysis Tools
    A note covering a number of structured problem solving and data handling tools/techniques, the sort used to identify and resolve operational problems and process improvements.

They are self-explanatory, so please use them as you need them.