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Control & Reporting

Project sponsor and project manager need to have some agreement as to the project control and reporting needed for the project.

When executing a project It is important to get the balance right.

Too much reporting and control can limit the freedom of the project manager, make it difficult for them to get things done, and absorb too much time and effort.

Too little control and reporting can leave the project manager isolated and lead to poor decisions.

In MAC we defined project governance based over PMI light practice

The best approach is probably to build the control and reporting around natural stocktake points, usually occurring at key milestones or end-of-stages (e.g. at the end of the scoping stage), taken from the project plan time schedules.

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Project Control Overview

This summarize the four main elements namely:

  • Project Briefs/Project Proposals,
  • Project Plans,
  • Progress Control Meetings & Report, and
  • Delegations, Authorisations, and Contract Management Strategy.
Project Reports

Formats for the four types of Project Reports which can be used.


WORD templates for the Project Reports.

Estimating Guidelines

General tips for estimating costs and timings

Typical Company Procedures

Typical procedures that organisations use for:

  • Procurement
  • IT
  • Finance