Project Management

Project Management Concepts

This section provides more background to the general theories and principles of Project Management and is included for those who want a deeper understanding of the subject. It is presented in the layout of a manual  and covers the following:

Introduction and a summary of the five keys to success to managing projects.

Project Objectives
How project objectives and terms of reference are established

Project Life Cycle
The life cycle that all projects progress through.

Five Project Stages
An full description of the five stage approach to structuring and managing projects - proposal, scoping and planning, organise and start-up, implement, and close. With descriptions of each stage.

Project Planning
Overview of project planning techniques

Project Organisation
The various roles in project organisation described.

Project Structures
The three structures used to organise for projects - Projectised, Functional, and Matrix.

Project Control
Project control approaches described.

Programme Management
General description of Programme Management and how it relates to Project Management.

Risk Management
Overview of the main principles and approaches to risk management.

Success Checklist
Factors behind successful projects.